What We Do

CNC Machining:
We have extensive CNC capabilities for many types of custom machining work. Our technical staff specializes inthe fabrication of all types of plastics. Our in-house tooling, manufacturing, and inspection departments assure total job control and quality through shipment. All of our CNC routers are state-of-the-art, offering high repeatability and close tolerances.

Fabrication involving heat bending is one of our specialties. The tools and jigs are set up in our work shop and our experienced staff ensures a quality product every time.

DCI's custom designed heat benders allow us to manufacture a consistent, professional bend while working with all types of thermoplastic material. This is essential in producing strait-line or fold-over bends and capable of heating up to 3/8" thick thermoplastic material.

Laser Cutting:
DCI produces projects with speed, simplicity, and accuracy with the computer-driven laser which cuts plastic materials with precision. Components can be nested as tight as the thickness of the cutting beam... even corners of 90degrees and razor-sharp acute angles can be executed without waste. With the laser there is no need for hold-down space or clamps-no wasted material! Setups are quick because jigs are never needed with laser-cut materials.

The laser leaves a smooth, finished edge on whatever it cuts. It's Fast! It's Simple! It's Accurate!



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